Acute and Ambulatory Care Settings

Department of Clinical Pharmacy faculty pharmacists apply their advanced training in the care of acutely ill patients at UCSF Health hospitals and other hospitals in California. Similarly, their expertise extends to the treatment of patients with acute and chronic diseases in clinics at UCSF Health and other care clinics, community pharmacies, and physician practices. UCSF Health pharmacists and department faculty pharmacists practice in close partnership.

Acute care pharmacy practices

The long and close relationship between the department’s faculty pharmacists and UCSF Health pharmacists is seen throughout UCSF’s acute care hospitals.

  • Pharmacist specialists consult about patient cases and develop optimal medication treatment plans collaboratively with physicians and nurses.
  • At the bedside, they review the effectiveness and safety of medication therapies.
  • In the hospitals’ pharmacies, general practice medical center pharmacists work to ensure the right medication reaches the right patient at the right time.
  • The Infectious Diseases Management Program at UCSF, which provides 7 day a week specialized consultation to UCSF Health hospital health care providers on the best use of antimicrobials, was developed as a partnership between the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and the UCSF Health Pharmacy Enterprise.
  • Both the chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and the chief pharmacy executive of UCSF Health hold administrative appointments in each other’s organizations.
  • In the Care Transitions Outreach Program (CTOP) discharge follow up calls to patients, medication-related problems are triaged to faculty pharmacists.
  • In addition to providing direct care for patients, specialized faculty pharmacists who practice in the UCSF Health serve on key committees, including the Medication Safety and Pharmacy and Therapeutics committees.

Specific Department of Clinical Pharmacy units provide UCSF Health with key services, such as:

Ambulatory care practices

Department of Clinical Pharmacy pharmacists provide comprehensive medication therapy management for chronic diseases in ambulatory clinics and physician practice groups at UCSF Health and beyond:

UCSF Health

Beyond UCSF Health