2020 News

A man wearing a mask measures vaccine in a syringe.
UCSF experts address the safety of the new COVID-19 vaccines
Guglielmo receives flu shot
The School continues its vital work in research, education, and patient care.
Guglielmo holds the official proclamation of Pharmacist Day in San Francisco while surrounded by PharmD students.
It’s flu shot season and UCSF doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) students once again made sure that School of Pharmacy Dean B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD, received his. In what has become an annual tradition, the student-run, interprofessional UCSF Flu Crew gave Guglielmo a quick jab in the arm at the Walgreens pharmacy at the Parnassus Campus and sent him on his way.
Boxes of Narcan are shown on a shelf in a pharmacy.
“Naloxone saves lives,” says Andy Nguyen. But to work it must be given on a moment's notice.
Clinard, wearing a face mask and face shield, points to a student's arm as another holds a needle.
School faculty members honored for their commitment to the next generation of pharmacists
Tan gives a video tutorial
Sixteen School of Pharmacy staff members were recognized for their ongoing work supporting the PharmD program
With the COVID-19 pandemic precluding in-person events, the ceremony took place remotely.
Desi Kotis, PharmD, is committed to bringing the highest level of pharmacy care to patients at UCSF Health.
Dean Guglielmo provides updates on ongoing efforts with science, education, and patient care in the School.
Ha with microphone and students
Student teachers create new pillar of support for first-year pharmacy students
Erich, Quirante, Vo, and Lum
The School collaborates with the State of California and the California Pharmacists Association to provide vital PPE supplies to local pharmacies.
Our COVID-19 response: A commitment to anti-racist action
Guglielmo and Youmans
We can fully accept that each of us must be part of the solution—and act.
Group in conference room
The QBI Coronavirus Research Group found six drugs that effectively beat back SARS-COV-2 in the laboratory.
Thaliffdeen, Le, Nguyen, and Vuong
A team of School of Pharmacy PharmD students won 1st place in a national pharmacy and therapeutics competition.
Our COVID-19 response: As we return to campus, everyone’s well-being is our top concern. But we also need to consider the need to maintain and strengthen community.
James Knoben, PharmD ’71, MPH, was named the 2020 UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.
Human cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus
The UCSF School of Pharmacy is moving quickly against the COVID-19 pandemic, applying a scientific mindset to challenges being raised during the crisis.
Our COVID-19 response: Dean Guglielmo provides an update on School activities and a careful return to campus
Oni-Orisan was recognized for his contributions to clinical pharmacology.
Our COVID-19 response: How COVID-19 is affecting us and where to find updates.
As we absorb the daily news of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us—especially in California where an order to shelter in place was declared early on by Governor Gavin Newsom—have little first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be a COVID-19 patient in the midst of the pandemic. Marilyn Stebbins, PharmD, a UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy faculty member was not so fortunate. She shares her story here.
Our COVID-19 response: We are rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19.
Ahituv and Inoue
School research into health, disease, and medicine earned the most NIH research dollars of any U.S. pharmacy school—for the 40th consecutive year.
Our COVID-19 response: How COVID-19 is affecting us and where to find updates.
Krogan and Fabius
The chief operating officer of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) shares a view of the team's work on COVID-19.
The award funds the boldest, riskiest, and most blue-sky ideas.
Students in front of a pillar with a "UCSF" banner
The new ranking comes on the heels of the School's recent update to its PharmD curriculum.
Free samples of medications and “detailing visits” are costly, B. Joseph Guglielmo argues in JAMA.
UCSF-Stanford CERSI brings together scientists, industry, and government regulators to get new therapies to patients sooner.
The Daniels'
A gift to the UCSF Foundation by Troy Daniels, DDS, and Leslie Daniels, established the endowed Elizabeth Daniels Fund.