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Kroon, Lisa A., Pharm.D., CDE

Chair’s Council
  (effective September 1, 2013)
The Chair’s Council advises the chair as she sets the strategic direction, priorities, and goals for the Department; and as she creates the conditions for a high performing and functioning environment for the Department’s faculty and staff.
Vice Chair of Clinical Innovation
Stebbins, Marilyn R., Pharm.D.
Vice Chair Stebbins provides leadership and oversight of the development and testing of innovative clinical models in ambulatory and community care settings.
Vice Chair of Experiential Programs
Ambrose, Peter J., Pharm.D., FASHP
Vice Chair Ambrose provides leadership and oversight of experiential programs and the program directors.
Vice Chair of Medical Center Affairs
Wandres, Daniel, Pharm.D.
As Chief Pharmacy Officer for UCSF Medical Center, Vice Chair Wandres ensures that the Department is well positioned to collaborate and support the Medical Center’s Department of Pharmaceutical Services toward accomplishing its goals and metrics.
Vice Chair of Professional Affairs
Corelli, Robin L., Pharm.D.
Vice Chair Corelli provides leadership in professional development for pharmacy practitioners and teaching by the faculty.
Vice Chair of Research
Greenblatt, Ruth, MD
Vice Chair Greenblatt enhances research in the Department by providing an environment whereby faculty members are supported with the necessary tools to be successful in grantsmanship.
Vice Chair of Strategy and Business Development
Rodondi, Kevin, Pharm.D.
Vice Chair Rodondi provides leadership and oversight in business development and ensures continual progress in identified strategic priorities of the Department.
Department Manager
Olinger, Lynn, MBA
Department Manager Olinger ensures effective administrative operations across the Department and management of staff.
Executive Coordinator
Lyshorn, Nicole 
Executive Coordinator Lyshorn provides administrative support to the Council.