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                  Clinical and Support Services

                   Adult Infectious Diseases Consult Service (24hr consult pager)                443-8628

               -formal ID service consultation                                                                    pagerbox

               -recommendations for diagnosis and treatment

               -approval of restricted laboratory tests


                   Adult Infectious Disease Consult Service: Immunocompromised Hosts      443-2552

               -formal ID service consultation for immunocompromised hosts                            pagerbox


                   Infectious Diseases Pharmacy (24hr pager)                                             443-9421

               -approval of restricted antimicrobials                                                              pagerbox

               -recommendations for antimicrobial selection and dosing


                   Microbiology Laboratory                                                               353-1268

               -results of microbiology testing

               -for susceptibility inquiries please have culture accession # 


                   Inpatient Pharmacy                                                                     353-1154

               -information on dosing and availability of antimicrobials


                   Infection Control                                                                         353-4343

               -recommendations for infection control and patient isolation                  443-2644

               -reporting of suspected outbreaks                                                    pagerbox


                   Needlestick Hotline (24hr pager)                                                   719-3898

               -reporting and management of bloodborne pathogen exposures